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Okay, so this is my first critique, so I will try my best. The first thing I notice is the vivid colours! You did an amazing job with t...


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I have one thing to say, and I am going to say it once.

I am so disappointed in some people within the Winx Community. I really am. I can't believe the lengths that some people have gone to in order to make others feel bad about themselves. How DARE any of you make anyone feel like they don't deserve to be on this site or to be a part of this community? No one has the right to do this. NO ONE. I don't care who is to blame, or who started it. I am sorry, but the point of a community is to be cohesive and to share things between another. There are so many people saying that this community is toxic-- it is true-- but we all need to stop biting at each other if we want to fix it! You can't just expect something to magically fix itself! Welcome to reality, where you have to make an effort for something to happen.

I admit, that I have been horrible to some people. It is generally between me and that person. Yes, I want to stick up for my friends especially when their work is being copied, traced, used etc. I will get on the bandwagon in order to protect the integrity of my friends. I will NEVER publicly make a massive deal because it is not necessary. Whenever I have a problem with someone, I will take it upon myself to message them privately. Furthermore, if you see something that is public and it is CLEARLY between two people, do NOT get involved! It has nothing to do with you unless you FEEL that it is going to affect you further down the track OR unless this directly concerns the well-being of your friend. I am not in ANY way condoning that you be nasty to each other though! If you have something against someone and you want to make a case PLEASE DO IT POLITELY! There is absolutely no need for any kind of shaming, insulting or anything. You always want to be the better person at the end of the day, so if someone insults you, do NOT get on their level. Remember, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!

A lot of truly fantastic artists are leaving because of the toxicity, and I want to make one thing clear. In most cases, they weren't the ones bringing the toxicity to the community. In most cases they were trying to improve it for other artists. Why? No one likes their hard work stolen, no one likes to be belittled, no one likes it when someone copies them, their idea etc.
A simple analogy for this is:

Imagine that you have worked really hard on your major project for school. Now think about all that effort                                  you have put in. No imagine if someone took your project without your permission and claimed it as their                                    own. Or even worse, copied it and handed it in before you so that you got stuck with the blame! How                                        would that make you feel?

Think about that before you think about taking/copying/tracing someone's work without their permission. Better yet, ASK. It doesn't hurt! And that also means, artists, that you should ALWAYS be polite in your answers. It' the only way this is going to work.

Apart from that, people are getting attacked for critiques. I understand that if a critique is cruel and unhelpful, yes it hurts. Those critiques should be ignored, or better yet, reply politely and be the bigger person. When it comes to other critiques, I want you all to stop and think, Does this person mean it like that? Are they truly trying to hate on me? etc. In most cases people are trying to help you. If you do not want a critique, reply to their critique with a polite "I do not want/need critiques. Thank you for your comment." or something along those lines, or just simply post it in your artists' description. That way, you are coming out on top as the bigger person. Do not let petty critiques get to you. The ones that are deliberately saying, "This sucks. You suck" and they don't tell you on what to improve, those are the critiques that you should ignore. Don't let them get to you, because this is a kind of person that is hater. If someone gives you constructive feedback about anatomy, colouring or anything such as "This looks off, maybe you could do this." Do not take it as a personal attack, because it isn't. If there is a misunderstanding, sort it out between the two of you. As a person whose first language ISN'T English, I can understand that things can get lost in translation, that means that we have to be more respectful of each others' cultural backgrounds and take the time to understand what is being said. For critiques I propose this method because it works: a  PIP statement. Positive, Informative, Positive. Critique people on what they need to be critiqued on, but also comment on something that they have done well. That way, we will be better off and there will be less drama.

If someone attacks you; ignore them. Block them, do whatever. DO NOT LET THEM GET TO YOU. Chances are they are trolling, or they are really angry about something. Always be polite in response because: a. You are winning b. You will annoy them more and c. You come out as the bigger person.

On a serious note; NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE WORTHLESS! This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated. If the insulting and bullying gets out of hand, then report them. At the end of the day you want to be the bigger and better person.

So I propose something, let's stop attacking each other and stealing each others' work. I am serious. If you believe that something is wrong, contact the person directly, do not make it public. Guys, I STILL have faith in this community. I think we can all work together to make it a better place. Please do not lose hope. I still want the community to exist. We are small. But we can make a change. If we follow the dA rules, the rules of the artists etc. this will be so much easier!

At the end of the day, if you have something that isn't nice, then preferably do not say anything at all. If you still want to say something do it at least somewhat politely. I know everything is contradictory, but that is the contradictory nature of humanity.

I love this community, I love being able to share my art and characters with you. But its just sad to watch something that was so strong fall apart so quickly.

Take care everyone. :heart:

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poem sharing started by :iconcitania1140:
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awww SO CUTE <3
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Thanks for the fave on my Tolkien piece! ^^
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It was a fantastic piece and you are an amazing artist so you're welcome! :D
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